CHM - Christian Harvest Missions
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Helmet of Salvation

Armour of God

A helmet is specifically designed to protect your head - your mind, your ability to think and function, the part of you that is the leader of the body. It is fashioned to withstand blows but to enable you to see through its visor and to hear properly. A badly designed helmet prevents the soldier wearing it from hearing the commands of the captain, which is one reason why good design is essential. It also protects vulnerable areas like the eyes.

Your spiritual eyes are your vision and your ability to make judgements. Your spiritual ears are your ability to hear the Word of God. Your spiritual mind is that part of you which makes choices and plans.

Salvation, therefore, is what protects you at the very top. Without salvation, you are vulnerable in every way - so value the gift of salvation highly. It secures your spiritual vision, and it enables you to hear the voice of God however He may choose to make Himself known to you. Without hearing the Word of God, you cannot have faith - so your very shield is a function of your salvation.

And your ability to make right choices, to think with wisdom and caution, to plan and to avoid problems, these are aspects of your spiritual mind. How can any of us distinguish between right and wrong, safety and suicide, without the ability to make right judgements? If our ability to think is impaired by a blow to the brain, it is not just our head that is affected. Brain injuries affect the whole body. In other words, a spiritual blow to the head may very possibly impair your entire spiritual body - from your ability to think, to eat, to walk, to talk and to see. The head must be protected from such destructive spiritual blows.

Blows delivered to the head are highly dangerous. Only salvation can protect you from spiritual blows aimed at destroying your higher functions in your spiritual life.

“Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day.”


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